Friday, April 20, 2012

Awards: Closing Remarks

So that puts the final wrap on a great season of CSN hockey coverage here at Action on the Ice.  When I started this a few months ago I had no intention of seeing it through to the end of the season.  I figured it would be a fun diversion and joke the occupy my time for awhile, but people actually showed up and read what I had to say.  I got my friend Nick to join the team and we decided to finish out the season.  Now that it's over I want to thank everybody who read anything here at Action on the Ice.  If you all weren't reading I would have stopped along time ago and what fun would that have been?  

Things are going to slow down here for the next couple months.  We might put up some posts about the playoffs as they are happening.  There will probably be some off season posts that go up at random times throughout the summer as well.  If you want to keep up with whenever the blog updates during that time period, the best way is probably to follow me on twitter: @Dru90 or to subscribe to the blog on an rss reader.

Finally, if you liked the artwork of the awards you can get in touch with the guy who did them on twitter: @andromatta or by email at  Everybody should do that.

So I hope you enjoyed the awards, I hope you enjoyed the posts over the course of the season, and as always Lets Go Caps.

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