Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Caps v Islanders (Feb 28th)

Tonight the Caps hosted the Isles at Verizon center.  This season the Caps haven't been able to beat the team from long island and tonight was looking like that trend wasn't going to end.  Thankfully, thanks to a huge 3rd period performance from the team and a big GWG in OT from Ovie the Capitals managed to pull off a win.  Read below to see how the CSN crew did tonight!

3rd Star (1 pt):

Julie!  After a long absence Julie made an appearance tonight for CSN during the 1st intermission and postgame.  Now, its no secret that I am a huge Julie fan.  In fact, my co blogger has to be the voice of reason in a lot of circumstances to keep me from placing her at the top each time she is on.  But tonight where no body really stood out from the pack to grab third he threw me a bone, so bare with me.  Julie came out with her signature energy and immediately put a smile on my face even though we were losing.  How does she manage to do this no matter what the score is?  Who knows?  Most likely explanation is she is a powerful witch (like a good, cool witch who is nice to people and not ugly).  Anyways, she lifted my spirits and made me hopeful that the Caps could pull things together and win the game.  Guess what, that is what happened!  Sure she didn’t wear red (but she looks good in blue!). Sure she stumbled a bit during the first intermission (she hasn’t been on in awhile, she was rusty!).  Sure she just repeated the same things she said in the first intermission during the postgame (it still sounded good.  If it aint broke...).  Sure everything I just wrote is absolutely ridiculous.  Seriously though, while her performance tonight was flawed she probably did enough to earn a 3rd place finish.  If only she would go back to saying “lets look at some action on the ice” like she used to during the intermissions there would be no stopping her from taking first place night after night.  (She hasn’t uttered that phrase since I started this blog...) -Dru    

2nd Star (2 pts):

Alan May.  What can be said about Alan May tonight.  Well the dude clearly knows what he is talking about.  He is always telling anybody who will listen that the Caps need to get the puck to the net and have bodies in front of it to score.  Guess what, when the Caps did that in the 3rd they scored and won the game.  Imagine that.  In the post game May was the first guy to remind everyone that the Caps played awful for most of the game and made the comment that he enjoyed watching tonight’s “5 min game”.  There was a nice back and forth banter between May and Carlin during the highlights, banter that May won handily (though Carlin actually held his own for awhile).  Of course there were plenty of classic “May-moments” in the post game as well.  For example, when Carlin said Neuvy wasn’t tested very much tonight May was absolutely speechless and refused to help him analyzing the highlight.  He also expressed how much he was looking forward to the defensive struggle with the Devils coming up on Friday (his voice was dripping with sarcasm).  Finally, he told Carlin and all the viewers at home that he doesn’t care about “home” games and “road” games.  All he cares about is wins.  Amen Alan, Amen.    

1st Star (3 pts):

Joe B takes tonight’s top prize.  Joe B had a typically strong game doing play-by-play tonight but there are two very specific reasons that he finds himself atop the list tonight.  First, Joe B seems to have mastered the art of the “anti-jinx”.  This season has seen countless examples of CSN personalities jinxing the Capitals and we have reamed them for it every time.  However, tonight Joe B did something new.  He used the power of the jinx to help the team by talking about how Nabokov had shut out the Cap’s for the last four periods.  Lo and behold the Caps scored not once, not twice, but three times on Nabby to come back and win.  If Joe B can use his jinx powers for good instead of evil from here on out the team is in good shape for the stretch run.  The second thing Joe B did tonight to earn his top finish had to do with the player of the game Troy “Browser” Brouwer.  Apparently before the game, Joe B had spoken to Troy about his rough February and lack of point production.  Well I’m not sure what Joe B said to the Browser but he broke out of his slump tonight in spectacular fashion with two scores in the third.  Can we have Joe B talk to all the players before every game?  Please and thank you!  Joe B’s powerful anti-jinx and his magic he worked on Troy are what pushed him into the top spot tonight.  Thank you Joe B! (As a side note, this finish places Joe B in a tie with his broadcast partner Locker for second place.  GASP!)

Last Star (-1 pt):

Good ol’ Gormley. To be honest, we’ve seen Chuck down here at the bottom so often we’re kind of running out of mean things to say. Granted, all of the mean stuff we’ve said so far is pretty much still true: No personality, not very interesting, awkward, bad at plugging his articles, etc. And he was certainly all of those things tonight. In fact, I honestly don’t even remember what he was talking about. So instead, we’ll just address the fact that in the two days leading up to the deadline, Gormley wrote a bunch of bullshit about trading Ovechkin for Nash. Yeah, cause trading Ovechkin for a not as good version of himself, minus the rockstar personality that makes him so marketable, on just as awful a contract would be a smart move for the Caps. Except not. At all. Part of me thinks that maybe Chuck really is deluded enough to think that that would actually be a good idea, but not even he can be that naive, can he? No, more likely Chuck is using incendiary headlines and crackpot theories without any real substance in an effort to garner some page views so he can show the numbers to his editor and go, “Look! People care what I have to say! I’m important!” Even though nobody really does and he really isn’t.

That's all we have for you tonight.  We'll see you back here on Friday for the Caps v Devils.  Thanks for reading and check out the standings on the right hand side of the blog.  Its getting close and we are coming down to the end! (also vote in the poll if you haven't, we might give out a fan favorite award based on it if we get enough votes)

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