Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Caps v Panthers (Feb 1)

Tonight was the first "CSN" Caps game since the All Star Break.  I gotta say, it was good to hear Joe B and Locker calling a game.  Unfortunetly it was on CSN+ which meant bad picture quality.  It also meant that Joe B and Locker were on their own tonight.  Read on to see what I thought of their first game back!

Second Star (1 pt):

Tonight the one point spot goes to Locker.  He did a typically strong performance that was highlighted by his outrage at the way the league handles goalie contact calls.  He also had a lot to say about a contested Florida goal in the 3rd that had to be decided in the Toronto War Room.  Locker didn't get to telestrate or interview anyone but that was more of the fault of the CSN network for putting the Caps on CSN+ and not caring about road games.  Still, Locker wasn't allowed to do enough tonight to score above 1.  Welcome back Locker!

First Star (2 pts):

Joe B takes the top spot tonight.  Nights like tonight put a lot of pressure on Joe B.  He basically has to carry the broadcast and during games that aren't very exciting he has to really work hard to maintain viewer interest.  I thought he did a good job of this in the first, dropped off a little in the second, and finished strong at the end of the third.  Huh, that is kinda like how the Caps performance on the ice went tonight.  Welcome back Joe B!  Here are some of my favorite Joe B-isms of the night: "Hammered-Hard!" "Laser-Locker!" "Minute-muncher." and the obligatory "Mike Green is hurt/ Tom Poti is hurt".

Well on a really slow night CSN wise that is all I got for you.  It is nice to have hockey back and can't wait for the next game.  Thanks for reading!

(Think I suck/ you could do better? There are bound to be nights that I won't be able to cover the games so if you want to take a shot at this for a game message me on twitter @ Dru90 or email me at!)


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