Sunday, January 1, 2012

Caps v Blue Jackets (Dec 31st)

WHOO what a game.  First we were losing, then we we're winning. Ovie did some stuff so that is cool.  Semin got in on the action and everything seems to be going in the right direction.  However, I was not able to watch the game and instead had to settle for text message scoring alerts to follow what was happening.  Unfortunately, they don't have text message alerts about what the broadcasters are doing so that makes it hard to write a post.  Instead, here are some highlights from my New Years Adventure.

Trying to park my car in the assigned parking lot a dude appears out of nowhere and tries to convince me to drive further down the road and park in a different place.  He hasn't told anyone else to do this, isn't wearing anything official looking, and the parking lot isn't even remotely full.  I tell him that I'm not going to let him take me to "dogtown" and proceed to park.

Early bird fireworks go off down on the city docks.  These fireworks are lame and designed for little kids.  All the little kids seem to love it though and even stop trying to fall into the harbor long enough to watch.  Two teenagers are standing in the crowd of children making out.  Classy.

The free dance party/concert on the docks that was suppose to start at 8 final gets underway.  I got news for you bar-cover band of 40 year olds, you aren't good enough to make people wait 26 minutes past the scheduled start time.

After dancing a lot my legs hurt.  Have to leave because I am being out danced by all of the old people.  Seriously, why are are old people good at dancing?

Yeah, I'm that guy who goes to starbucks and gets hot chocolate.  Coffee is yuck!

After coming to terms that I'll never be able to compete with the old people, I return to the dance party.  If standing stiffly and moving one's arms and head awkwardly is a dance than I am its king.

Go out on the docks to wait for fireworks.  Hoping some drunk people fall into the harbor.

New Years!  Fireworks! Yeah!

Waiting to cross a street that a policeman is directing traffic.  A drunk woman and her friend start to cross anything and nearly get hit.  The cop tells them to wait and she yells at him that she has the right of way.  Somehow no one dies but the woman keeps yelling at the cop as she stumbles down the street.  The cop says fuck it and starts to follow her.  She doesn't get far.  I laugh the whole way home.

So that's my adventures.  Sorry for missing the game!  I'd love to hear about it in the comment section.  You can tell me about the broadcasters, about the game, or about your New Years adventures!  Anything goes.  If someone paid enough attention to the CSN crew to rank them I can even dish out points for last night.
Enjoy the 2012, and thanks for reading!

Next game is Tuesday at 7pm.

-@Dru90 (twitter)

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