Monday, January 9, 2012

Caps v Kings (Jan 9)

Well that sucked.  Had to stay up late to watch a poor excuse for a hockey game.  The players didn't seem to want to play and really didn't give the CSN crew much to work with.  Still accountablitly must happen and its not going to be pretty.


JENKINS! Just are creepy as always.  Being forced to handle both intermission breaks was just too much Jenkins for one night. (Even one is too much).  He also didn't even mention hockey during the 2nd intermission so not scoring any points on that one.  Don't feel to bad tonight Jenkins, you got company at the bottom. 
LOCKER! Said the key to the game was for the Caps to score first.  It wasn't.  Not even close.  Also talked about the Kings PP sucking.  It didn't.  Showing an old highlight of him scoring a goal for the Kings did not save Locker. 

JOE B! Talked about Mike Green being hurt a lot and how much the Caps suck in California.  Thanks captain obvious, are you trying to make up for Gormely not being on?  Sorry, that was a low blow.  You didn't do a good job of keeping me awake so your still not getting a pass.

Locker: 11
Joe B: 7
Jenkins: -3

Well so much for that.  Caps come home to face the Pens on Wednesday.  That'll be a national broadcast so no CSN crew!  Look for the next post to come Friday as the Caps take on Tampa.  Its a home game so expect a full CSN crew, plenty of hot sexy Gormely action, and a better effort by the Caps, the CSN crew, and myself!

P.S.  Keep Tebow and Tebowing out of hockey!

See you Friday,


  1. I have to say, this was a little harsh. Joe B. and Locker kept me sane while I watched the Caps implode again, especially in Pd. 3. Seems like the late night and the poor play maybe had a bigger effect on your attitude toward the announcers!

    Maybe it's because I have NHL Gamecenter (I live out of town) and so was able to switch back and forth between the CSN feed and the Kings feed. We are lucky as Caps fans to have Joe B. and Locker. They are miles ahead of the awful, awful Kings announcer who couldn't call a single play without tripping up.

  2. I know, I know. Even as I was writing this I started to feel bad. And believe me I know there are much worse in terms of announcers around the league. This was more of a reflection of how shitty the team made me feel and it being late.

    However, Locker and Joe B are troopers and score points all the time so they won't have any trouble bouncing back from this. Appreciate the comments though, outside opinions help a lot!