Monday, April 16, 2012

Awards: 1st Place

This next award is for the 1st place finisher in the Action on the Ice standings.  With a final score of 34 points, beating out his closest competition by 10 points, Alan May gets the 1st place award.  Alan May was the main studio guy for the CSN crew, a position that had him handling the pre and post game shows.  Unlike Joe B and Locker, Alan May did not have a constant presence on a nightly basis.  Some games didn’t have a pre and post game show, and those that had them did not provide May with air time equivalent to that of Joe B and Locker during the course of the game.  Despite this, Alan May managed to soundly finish in 1st place.  The reason behind his success is simply, when May got his chances he came to play, and he played hard.  In his pregame duties, May did a great job breaking down the key match ups to look for and listed keys to winning the game.  When the Caps followed his keys they almost always won.  In the postgame shows, May was unapologetically brutal when pointing the mistakes and shortcomings of the Caps, but he was also quick to hand out praise when it was rightfully earned.  He offered fantastic insight into the game of hockey with his hardnose-former player perspective.  Besides his great skills at breaking down the game, May was also a force to reckon with in the world of broadcaster bantering.  Alan May would challenge anyone on the crew to a war of words.  Once he was engaged in a back-and-forth with one of his coworkers Alan took no prisoners, (just ask Rob Carlin).  Always entertaining, and always correct (just ask Alan May) Alan May made the most of his opportunities this season and blew away everyone in his way to claim the 1st place award.  Thank you for your great work this season Alan, it is safe to say that on more than one occasion YOU, and not the team, were the most entertaining thing about the broadcast.

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