Friday, April 13, 2012

Awards: Editor's Choice (Dru)

The first Editor’s Choice award goes to, and this should come as no surprise, to Julie Donaldson.  Julie ended the year with a respectable 17 points and a 5th place finish in the Action on the Ice standings.  That isn’t bad for a person who worked the intermission reports once a week or so.  It has been no secret that my favorite member of the CSN crew is Julie.  Heck, the name of this blog was taken from a Julie Donaldson catch phrase that she used in the first half of the season, “Now lets take a look at some Action on the Ice”.  Oddly enough, Julie stopped using the phrase basically as soon as I started this blog.  If she hadn’t dropped it from her broadcast there is no telling how many points she could have racked up!  In all seriousness, I am giving this award to Julie because I think she does the best job out of all the intermission anchors.  She rarely makes a mistake in her highlight rundowns, always manages to sound really interested about she is showing us, wears great outfits that frequently rock the red, and always seems to make me smile even when things are going poorly for the Caps on the ice.  Other things that make Julie great:  she frequently shows us great hockey fights and really seems to enjoy her job.  Some of the anchors come off as extremely knowledgeable and informative, but are boring.  Others try to be exciting and personable, but don’t seem to understand the game of hockey at all.  Julie is the perfect middle ground between the two and, if I had it my way, she would be handling the intermission reports every game.  Thanks for a great season of work Julie.  Bring back the “Action on the Ice” catch phrase that inspired me to create this blog and the sky's the limit!

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