Monday, April 2, 2012

Caps v Lightning (Apr 2nd)

Tonight was a pretty important game for the Caps.  Just like every game of late.  And as is the case all to often, the Caps let us down and let this game slip away from them.  They didn't even get a pity point out of it.  Nothing to do but move forward.  Two games left before we find out if this team did enough to get into the playoffs.  We sure don't make things easy on ourselves.

In CSN related news, there was some sort of emergency at CSN HQ tonight that prevented the pregame show from airing.  That really hindered Alan May and Al Koken from scoring tonight and left the door open for the rest of the CSN crew to put up some points.  Read below to see how they did:

Third Star (1 pt):

Joe B. Despite the fact that he was wearing one of the ugliest suits I’ve ever seen (though still more interesting than Harris’), Joe B managed to score solely by virtue of his comment during the first: “The 1-3-1 strangles the life out of games.” Damn f***ing straight. It’s hell to watch, and the sooner that shit is out of hockey, the better. Must be extra-painful for a guy like Joe B to call these games, seeing as he loves his firewagon hockey as much as we do.

Seriously. F*** Guy Boucher and his 1-3-1.

Second Star (2 pts):

Julie Donaldson.  Julie handled the 1st intermission and post game tonight.  She had a nice looking shirt and skirt outfit on.  Too bad it was allll black.  During her first segment she showed us the Pens-Flyers brawl.  Seriously, Julie always gets to talk about the fights when she is on, but we aren’t complaining.  She also talked about the overall playoff race picture in a quick but comprehensive manner.  Julie reappeared after the game and thankfully didn’t even acknowledge that the game had ended.  Instead she talked about a charity event that the Capitals wives and girlfriends put on recently, which put a smile on our faces for a split second before realizing that a hockey game HAD, in fact, just ended and we HAD in fact lost.  

First Star (3 pts):

Locker.  Locker returns to his scoring ways tonight with a first place finish.  Unlike Julie and Joe B, Locker wore a really nice looking suit and also had a bright red tie on.  Clearly, he came to play tonight.  Locker did an average job providing color commentary tonight while also handling the intermission interviews with Nicky and Matty.  Anytime Matty gets air time it’s a win in our book so good on you Locker.  The other thing that set Locker apart tonight was the praise he laid on the Semin-Matty P pairing.  Those two have been a consistent bright spot for the second half of the season and it’s about time people start taking notice of their great on ice chemistry.  Locker inched out a first place finish in front of Julie tonight, but it may not be enough for him to compete with Alan May for the number one spot.       

Last Star (-1 pts):

Chick Hernandez. Covered the second intermission. Didn’t mention hockey. Didn’t wear red. ...There’s really not any way to spin this that looks good for Chick. Pretty easy call on a non-Gormley night.

That's all we have for you tonight.  One more CSN game to go.  Check out the standings to see how the final game is going to have an impact on the race.  Vote in the poll to ensure your fan-favorite is recognized in the awards presentation.  Stay tuned for that coming some point next week after the dust has settled.  Thanks for reading!

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