Friday, April 13, 2012

Awards: 3rd Place

We are going to start off the awards by recognizing our 3rd place finisher in the Action on the Ice standings.  Finishing the year with an impressive 23 points is Joe Beninati.  As the play-by-play announcer Joe B was the rock that the rest of the CSN crew relied on.  He was there for every game and always put in the effort and preparation that allowed him to provide us, the fans, with a level of game calling that is second to none.  Joe B was the voice we heard the most over the course of the season.  With such a constant presence it was sometimes difficult for him to stand out, as other broadcasters were able to do that we were less accustomed to seeing/hearing.  Joe B’s performance was also closely tied to the performance of the team on the ice in a way that was unlike any other broadcaster.  Exciting games with big moments really allowed Joe B to shine and give us signature calls that linger in our memories.  On the flip side, games that the Caps didn’t show up for left Joe B with little material to work with and this season there were more than a fair share of games like that.  Where Joe B may not be the flashiest member on the CSN crew he made up for it in his consistency.  There is also no debate that he is the best dressed member of the crew!  Night in and night out Joe B found himself in the top 3 scoring spots on Action on the Ice which allowed him to rack up the points to net himself the 3rd place finish.  From us here at Action on the Ice we’d like to thank Joe B for his excellent work and let him know how grateful we are that we get to listen to our hockey games called by the best play-by-play man in hockey.

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