Thursday, April 5, 2012

Caps v Panthers (Apr 5th)

Tonight was yet another big, must win, call it what you like, game.  Basically, it was a big deal.  Guess what, the Caps actually showed up!  Neuvy went down with what looked like a really bad knee injury and that puts our playoff prospects in doubt for the future.  However, tonight the Caps won the game and clinched a playoff spot so its time for celebrating.  There will be plenty of time to look ahead tomorrow.  Check out how the CSN crew did in the last CSN game of the season:

3rd Star (1 pt):

Chick Hernandez. A surprise for the postgame show, Chick clearly wanted to make sure he finished the season on the positive side of zero in our standings. Didn’t wear any red, but gave us a solid wrap-up of the PHI/BUF game and made us chuckle when he pointed out that Rob Carlin was probably the happiest man in the studio. Why? Because if the Caps lost, Alan May would have been angry. And being stuck in a studio for postgame with Angry Alan would, I imagine, be a very intimidating experience indeed.

2nd Star (2 pts):

The Jenkins. Capped off a season that saw him grow from awkward “old Jenkins” to solid “new Jenkins” with a performance that basically showed off all the good stuff he’s been doing in the latter part of the season. Pulled double duty tonight, covering both the first and second intermissions. Came out with a dark red tie (though personally we were really hoping for a bright red vest tonight, but red is red), and both times immediately dove into the Buffalo/Philadelphia highlights, the outcome of which had huge implications for the Caps’ playoff chances (BTW, we clinched :D). Did a solid job with the highlights, and in the second intermission, also gave us a clip of Stamkos scoring on the Leafs and mentioned his quest for 60 goals. Double-kudos for that, as it’s probably the largest non-playoff-related story in the league at the moment. Well done.

1st Star (3 pts):

Alan May.  The man who lead the race all season long finishes on top.  Alan May has been a man on a mission, and that mission is to provide high quality analysis and hard nosed realism about the Caps all season long.  Tonight he was alongside his usual partner Rob Carlin.  Everything you expect of May he deliver tonight.  The highlights were Chick mentioning how the Caps victory will make Carlin the “happiest man alive” because May won’t kill him now.  Everyone fears May, with the possible exception of Locker, and everyone knows it.  During the post game show Carlin was forced to give Alan May “due credit” for correctly predicting that the Capitals season would come down to tonight’s game against Florida.  Apparently May predicted it some time ago too, so good on him.  The rest of the post game had May talking about our goalie situation moving forward and the importance of Saturday’s game against the Rangers to set the tone for the playoffs.  All post game May couldn’t help but smile, something we have almost never seen him do.  It was adorable.  In the way a bear smiles and you think it is cute, but you still fear for your life.  Yeah kinda like that.  May also gets points tonight for not jinxing us, like so many of his esteemed colleagues attempted to do.    

Last Star (-1 pt):

Chuck Gormley.  Chuck was back to give us a swan song in the last CSN game of the season.  Awkwardness?  Check.  Providing no information what-so-ever? Check.  Last place? Check.  Chuck let us know that he interviewed all the Caps players and asked them what they thought of the season.  He told us that they all used the same word to describe it.  I highly doubt that, especially since he didn’t even tell us what that word was.  I really don’t know why Chuck showed up tonight as he added absolutely nothing to the proceedings.  Maybe he wanted to make sure his last place finish was secure.  Well Chuck I have news for you, that was never in doubt.

Fact checked:  Alzner and Chimera described the season as a Roller Coaster. Brouwer did not. No quotes from anyone else.  Nicely done Chuck, nicely done.

So that is all we have for you tonight.  It was a great season here at AOTI and for those of you who stuck it out with us we can't thank you enough.  Check out the final standings on the right side and get in some last minute poll votes for your fan favorite.  We will be posting about the playoffs as they are happening and some point next week look for our big awards presentation extravaganza!  Check out the preview here,  , and we will see you then!

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