Monday, December 12, 2011

By Popular Demand...

We bring you the two superstars of the CSN Team, the men who hold our hands through all the laughter and tears generated throughout the course of a hockey game (and often contribute some of their own).

Joe Beninati

The little dude (seriously, he's like 5 feet tall) with the big voice whose dulcet tones guide us through the narrative that is a hockey game, Joe B is one of the best play-by-play guys in the league. He delivers relatively unbiased commentary in a voice that's easy on the ears and not in any way reminiscent of a dying animal (unlike this guy). Also the go-to guy if you're wondering whether or not anyone on the ice is related.

Craig "Locker" Laughlin

Oh, Locker... I'm not entirely sure how to describe him. He's a little bit eccentric, but in an endearing kind of way, like that crazy uncle everybody has but never talks about because as much as they love him, they're embarrassed to be seen with him in public. Guaranteed to use at least one made-up word per telecast, and appears to have deep-seated issues stemming from the fact that Joe B never invites him to hang out outside of work. Still though, he's nothing if not enthusiastic, and his banter with Joe B. remains entertaining even when the hockey game is not.

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