Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Caps v Rangers (Dec 28th)

Hello Internets,
Tonight was a good game.  Or so I hear.  NBC had the broadcasting rights for tonight which meant the CSN crew took the night off.  With the way the team has been playing and my hatred for the NBC crew I decided to also take a night off.  I went to see a college basketball game at the University of Maryland.  Maryland was playing Albany (which may or may not be a highschool?) and they won.  It was the first game for a really tall Russian/Ukraine guy who played for Maryland and he did pretty good.  Maryland also had a guy from Iceland on their team.  With all the Foreign players from cold places it was just like watching hockey.

Anyway, I got home, watched the highlights, and read some recaps.  Sounds like it was a pretty solid performance all around and its nice to see Semin finding the back of the net.  Caps play again on Friday against Buffalo and the CSN crew will be back in action.  Which means I'll be back in action.  Sorry for the semi-long drought but things are going to ramp up again now.

I'd love to hear any comments from you guys about the game, or about the NBC broadcasters.  Hell, do your own broadcaster recap and let me know what I missed and how it stacks up to a typical CSN broadcast.

Cya Friday,
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  1. They sucked. Next time NBC is airing a game, I'm muting the TV and turning to the radio-cast (which is streamlined on Fed News Radio's website). I hate neutrality by broadcasters, especially when it's a local team playing.

    I can't wait to watch the game on Friday.