Monday, December 26, 2011

Caps v Sabres (Dec 26th)

Hello everyone.  Tonight because of family/holiday obligations I was not able to be home to blog about tonight's game.  Also because of the Wizard's game the coverage got bumped to CSN+ so there wouldn't of been a lot to talk about anyways.  The next game is going to be a National NBC broadcasted game so the Sportsnet crew won't be in action to blog about either.  That means the next game that will be blogged will come on Friday the 30th.  Sorry for the large gap but things are pretty crazy at the moment.    I'll try and come up with something clever to post between now and Friday.  It may be Caps related, sports related, or completely random.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and I am looking forward to getting back to the Action on the Ice this Friday.

Observations of the game (at a glance):
1st period:
Wow we suck.  We really suck.  I can't believe I wore this new Capitals jersey I got.  I look like an idiot and everyone in my family is laughing at me.  Maybe we'll come back to send this into overtime like last game.  Whelp the channel got changed over to the Wizards.  Guess I'm watching that now.

1st half/quarter(?):
Hey the Wizards are winning.  I thought they sucked.  I'm digging these new uniforms and they got cheerleaders.  I guess baseball is the only sport without cheerleaders?  Whoa it's that Kim Kardashian dude (so says my sister and cousin).  Sure wish I knew anything about Kim Kardashian to make fun of him about.  I'm not sure how the Wizards are winning cause since this game was turned on all I have seen is the Nets scoring.  Apparently these games ARE in quarters and not halves like college basketball.  Also apparently I have been watching the SECOND quarter not the 1st.  It seems like people do fouls a lot but it also seems like nobody can make foul shots so I guess it balances out.  Pizza has arrived.  Looks like I'm doing that.  Uncle says you only have to watch the last 2mins of an NBA game anyway so maybe I'll try and do that.

Man I miss slamball.  That was an awesome sport and also I think I could've maybe gone pro in it.

End of Both Games:
O hey the Caps kinda made it interesting by scoring twice.  Bet it wasn't actually interesting to watch.
O hey the Wizards lost the game.  Bet that's going to happen a lot.

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