Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Crew.

Chick Hernandez.  All around cool dude, all around dumb name. 

Julie Donaldson.  The best there ever was.  The best there ever will be.  Also the inspiration for the blog title.

Michael Jenkins.  Everything about him scares me.  Creepy as fuck.

 Jill Sorenson.  Shes not bad.  No Julie but not bad.  Seems to know a lot about things.

Chris Miller.  Generally a pretty OK guy.  However, when teamed up with the Jenkins some weird shit seems to go down.

Chuck Gormley. "Washington Insider" blogger.  Occasionally graces us with some insider info he reads off a cue card/teleprompter.  Big tool.

Al Koken.  "Smokin' Al" brings us some hard hitting intermission interviews.  Not what he is smokin' and not sure I want to know.  

Alan May.  Former player who tells it like it is and doesn't let anyone off the hook.  He isn't afraid to fight for his opinions.  No really, he will fight you. (

Carol Maloney.  Don't really see her a lot.  Her voice is pretty annoying so that's probably the reason.

Rob Carlin.  Doesn't really seem to know a whole lot but also doesn't say a whole lot.  He is just there to guide everything along and it's hard to fuck that up.

There are other people who may appear on occasion but these are the main guys/gals to look for/the ones I can remember.


  1. Great blog idea! I didn't know Backstrom hates Koken -- what's that about?

  2. If you watched the pre game and intermission interview between the two of them Nicke seemed like he really didn't want to look at Smokin. Like his face would turn him to stone or something.

    Maybe he doesn't hate him, just scared of his face?

  3. It must be that. Backie has higher standards.

  4. Maybe Koken screwed up his Thompson Creek installation.