Friday, December 9, 2011

Caps v Leafs (Dec 9)

Revenge game for the Caps who got a beat down at the hands of the Leafs on a HNIC not so long ago.  Since this is the first game post I thought I'd explain how things will work.  After the game I will pick the three stars of the broadcast team.  First star gets 3pts, second star gets 2pts, third star gets 1pt.  Everyone else will then get a mention but will receive no points.  The person who did the worst on the night will receive last place honors and a -1pt.  I'll keep track of point totals and at the end of the season we will see who is the champion of the Comcast Sportsnet crew!

First Star (3pts):
Giving it to Smokin Al Koken.  He interviewed Backstrom to start the game and, despite the fact that Backstrom seems to hate him, had the balls to interview him again during the second intermission.  Had a couple appearances where he was all about talking defensive players ice times.  He made his usual appearance interviewing assistant coach Jim Johnson during the "Bite of the Nite" but then went crazy on us and later in the game interviewed other assistant coach Dean Evason in another "Bite of the Nite".  Two bites in one night?  I'm pretty certain that has never happened ever.  He also interviews Dennis Widemen during the first intermission break and D-wides went on to score a hatty (or did he?), so that's something.  For some reason Smokin kept referring to the power-play as "specialty teams", which sounded weird.
Second Star (2pts):

Alan May.  Came in after the game ended to enlighten us in regard to the Cap's power-play success.  His telestrator was not working but did that fluster May?  No.  In fact, Fuck No.  He just kept on explaining the plays and acting like the telestrator WAS working.  Guess what?  His will power made the telestrator start working.  After that he shared a funny joke with the announcer team that had everyone cracking up.  LOLs were had by all and May finished the post game in typical fashion.

Third Star (1pt): 

The last scoring spot for tonight's game goes to Chick.  Did a good job breaking down some highlights during the second intermission break.  For some reason his voice sounded really cool and downright distinguished tonight which helped him earn the last spot in his limited work.  I have a theory why he sounded so good but more on that in a bit.

Other Participants (0pts):

-Rob Carlin.  Hosted post game with Alan.  Didn't add a whole lot but didn't get in Alan's way.  He did stop everyone's fun by moving the broadcast along in the middle of everyone laughing at Alan's joke.

-Carol Maloney.  No idea who she is.  Can't remember seeing her at all this season.  She stumbled out of the gate during the first intermission break but handled herself well after that slip up.  She did the immediate post game and completely messed up her sign off.  She was really falling all over her words as she came into the home stretch.  One thing I learned about Carol, her voice is really really annoying.  Maybe that is why she never gets on TV.  Maybe that's why Chick sounded so good tonight?  Just a theory.

Last Place (-1pt):

No surprises here.  If its a home game you can pretty much count on an appearance from everyone's favorite Capitals insider Chuck Gormely.  Was on camera for less than a minute.  Couldn't string two sentences together without fucking up and misspeaking.  What was his big time breaking insider information that he delivered in a monotone voice devoid of any passion or soul you ask?  That John Carlson and Karl Alzner play defense together.  Also they are pretty good.  ...No Shit. 

Points totals so far:
Al Koken: 3
Alan May: 2
Chick Hernandez: 1
Chuck Gormely: -1
Everyone else: 0


  1. How about when Joe B (or Craig M?) had a slip of the tongue during Friday night's Caps/Leafs game, where he referred to the new system "Bruce" is implementing, referring of course to Dale Hunter.

  2. There is so much good Joe B and Locker stuff but don't worry. Just added a second blogger and hopefully we will start covering those two as well. There is just to much goodness there to ignore.